UEP Zinc Manganese Dioxide – Zeus Energy Storage System

  • ZEUS  is a versatile largescale energy storage system that is scalable to the space, power, and energy requirements of any site.


  •  The ZEUS  energy storage systems are capable of operating in grid-tied or micro-grid mode.


  • ZEUS  is optimized for cost, performance, and ease of installation.

The UEP ZEUS is the first Zinc Manganese Dioxide energy storage system to fulfill the need for large-scale power with built-in capability to integrate with solar PV.


Key Alkaline Battery Performance Factors:
  • Runtime
  • Power Density
  • Footprint
  • Weight
  • Usable/ Lifespan/ Cycle Count
  • Reliability
  • Initial Cost
  • Maintenance Cost
  • Operating Temperature.

Specifications –

Flexible offering designed for commercial and utility-scale projects.

  • Modular inverter allowing flexible configuration.
  • Integrate solar PV with DC coupling

Proven Inverter & Battery Technology

  • One ZEUS  includes 1,260 battery modules.
  • Configurable for 2 – 10+ hour charge/discharge

Turnkey solution for low-cost rapid deployment.

  • Re-assembled and pre-tested at UEP’s NY Factory
  • No DC connections required onsite.

ZEUS 1.0 is a customizable energy system capable of being sized according to customer needs. Below are specifications for standard system sizes available without customization.


AC Voltage 400-480 VAC 3 Phase
Power Range 500-1500 kW

Continuous Charge/

Discharge Duration.

2-24 hours

AC Power/ Energy Available per ZEUS 1.0

(Additional Capability)

5 hrs: 750 kW/ 3750 kWh

(2 hr: 1000kW/ 2000kWh)

Inverter Size at 480 V

5 hr: Scalable to 900kVA

2 hr: Scalable to 1500kVA

Solar PV Direct DC Coupled Option

Mechanical & Mounting

Unit Dimensions

W 7125 mm (23 ft 5 in)

D 2000 mm ( 6 ft 5 in)

H 2516 mm ( 8 ft 3 in)

Operating Ambient Temperature. – 20°C to 60°C

Regulatory & Communications 

Zinc Manganese Dioxide Cells UL 1973, UL 9450 A

Modbus TCP


Rest API

Standard System Specifications

AC Power/ Energy Available per Megapack* Roundtrip System Efficiency*
5 Hr Standard 750kW / 3750kWh 90%
2 Hr Standard 1000kW / 2000kWh 87%

*Nominal energy at 25°C ( 77°F) including thermal management loads, Day 1. 

Solar PV DC Coupled System with AC Interface