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Urban Electric Power revolutionizes the traditional alkaline battery (e.g Double AA) transforming it into a powerful rechargeable alkaline battery. Incumbent battery solutions are falling short to meet the needs of a changing energy infrastructure.

Developing nations utilize toxic lead-acid to solve challenges with electricity access and intermittency. These lead-based batteries poison people and groundwater. 1 in 3 of the world’s children alive today experience symptoms from lead poisoning.





In industrializing nations, an increasingly unpredictable and changing climate threatens lives with wildfires, floods, and droughts that impact centralized grid security.

The solution is distributed renewables + battery storage, however, lead-acid and lithium-ion are toxic, flammable, expensive, and face supply constraints controlled by hostile nations. The Urban Electric Power battery utilizes earth-abundant materials from existing supply chains mined within ally nations, ensuring safe supply. As we forge a path forward it will be necessary to adapt and mitigate to an ever-changing world. Urban Electric Power envisions a future with clean renewable energy and safe battery technology to meet these challenges.

Our Team

Board of Directors

Sanjoy Banerjee

  • Lead inventor of UEP’s technology, Distinguished Prof. & Director, CUNY  Energy Institute. 
  • Founding CEO Mindflash Technologies (acquired) 

Jamshyd N. Godrej

  • Chairman and Managing Director of  Godrej & Boyce
  • G&B holding is a global Fortune 500, manufacturing conglomerate in Mumbai, India.

David Elliman

  • Co-founder of Elmrock Capital
  • Served on the boards of Applied Signal  (acquired by Raytheon), and CapMac (acquired by  MBIA).

Tom Baruch

  • Formed CMEA Capital, venture fund  with $1.2B in assets. 
  • Chairman of the Board at Codexis and Intermolecular, serves on the boards of Foro Energy, CNano and Wildcat.


Sanjoy Banerjee

Founder, Executive Chairman & CEO

  • Lead inventor of UEP’s technology, Distinguished Professor & Director, City University of New York  Energy Institute. 
  • Founding CEO Mindflash Technologies (acquired) and former member congressionally mandated Advisory Committee on reactor safeguards.

Umer Anwer

VP of Systems Engineering

  • Masters in Software and Electrical Engineering from NUST and the University of Peshawar respectively. 
  • Brings years of experience with hardware startups with a focus on building profitable engineering divisions, growth-oriented business lines, and enhanced product development and deployment.

AnnMarie Augustus

VP of Operations

  • Responsible for investor and client relations, strategic planning, and partnerships,  experience in fundraising, operations, and supply chain management.
  • Co-founded solar investment startup, Park Place Renewable, and worked on tech transfer efforts for the CUNY,  MSc in Tech Leadership from Brown.

Alexander Couzis

Chief Technology Advisor

  • Professor of Chem. Eng. and Interim Dean of Engineering at City University of New York’s City College with 25 years of experience in research and manufacturing
  • CEO of UEP from 2014-2017.

Gabriel Cowles

VP of Finance and Business Development

  • 10+ years of business development and project management experience in the clean energy sector.Responsible for financial management, business development, and strategic planning.
  • MPA in Environmental Science and Policy, Columbia University

John Santoleri

Chief Financial Advisor

  • 30+ years of professional investing experience including 15 with Warburg Pincus. 
  • A founding member of Clean Energy Venture’s New York City office, focusing on early-stage investments in climate technology.  Also serves as an Innovation Advisor for NYSERDA.

Jinchao Huang

Director of Battery Development

  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from City College and senior researcher at the CUNY Energy Institute since 2012-2018
  • 8 years of research experience on zinc manganese dioxide cells and the lead inventor of the zinc blocking membrane applied at UEP battery technology.

Andy Naukam

VP of Production

  • Over 30 years leading engineering and factory operations of batteries and energy systems in Europe, China, India, and the US. 
  • Cutting-edge management style keeping a pragmatic sense to lead start-up and factory transformations including close personal oversight of all aspects and details.

Gautam Yadav

Director of Advanced Battery Development

  • Ph.D. in Chemical Engineering from Purdue University and senior researcher at CUNY Energy Institute since 2013-2018.
  • 7+ years of research experience on zinc manganese cells and lead inventor of the technology to access the full two-electron capacity of manganese dioxide cathodes commercialized by UEP.

Our Awards