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The future of alkaline battery technology

 Our Mission

Urban Electric Power revolutionizes energy storage with safe, affordable alkaline battery technology. Our mission is more than energy: democratize reliable access to electricity across the globe to improve public health, education, and economic well-being for all.

Data Center Backup
— Norwalk, Connecticut

Grid-Tied Solar System
— Mumbai, India

What We Do

Our Technology

UEP’s core technology revolutionizes the chemistry found in alkaline primary batteries (e.g. double AA) and makes it rechargeable. This trusted battery chemistry is now reliably rechargeable, thanks to breakthrough technology advancements.

Our Product

Our battery utilizes earth-abundant zinc and manganese dioxide, which provide high energy density, low self-discharge, and are safe to operate and handle. The battery cells are modular, scaling from residential to commercial to utility applications.

Use Cases

UEP batteries serve a number of vital energy storage applications, including backup power, uninterruptible power supply, microgrids, and demand management. Our batteries are effective for both off-grid and grid-tied systems and are safe to use indoors.

Who We Are


As chemists and engineers, we take great pride in creating innovative and effective technologies to help solve some of the world’s most pressing energy challenges. Our team’s diversity of background and expertise is emblematic of our shared identity as New Yorkers.

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